1. I love appreciating the little things :) Like the first cup of tea in the morning... that's a good one!


  2. I love this topic! it's true, sometimes we do need to sit back and just think about all the little things in our lives that we really do appreciate. I completely agree with you about hearing your favourite song in a store, though I don't think anybody else will as I always end up singing (badly) along. Don't get too stressed about not having a job either. I'll definitely find one soon, its just a matter of time.

    Something I appreciate is kind people. Even if it's just really small like you're having a bad day and they just smile at you.

    1. I agree people being kind and smiling at you is great :)

  3. I completely get the clean room thinkg. I can't concentrate when the house is a mess. I have to go on a massive cleaning spree before I can focus and actually blog.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  4. "Waking Up 1 Minute Before Your Alarm" - yes! As someone that hates mornings, I love when I get one up on my pesky alarm! Brilliant blog. I think we have similar outlooks on life :)